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Web Banners (72)

Interactive or not this is one of the most common ways track eyes and clicks.

Cd-rom (7)

CD-ROMs are popularly used to distribute computer software, including video games and multimedia applications. One of the best ways to promote your business.

Newsletters (13)

Sending newsletters to customers is a common marketing strategy, which can have benefits and drawbacks. General attributes of newsletters include news and upcoming events of the related organization, as well as contact information for general inquiries.

e-cards (13)

E-cards are digital "content", which makes them much more versatile than traditional greeting cards. For example unlike traditional greetings, e-cards can be easily sent to many people at once or extensively personalized by the sender.
This is an easy way to keep contact with your customers

Games (6)

Arcade flash made games collection.
Your website visitors or the followers in social media, will stick in your page for days.

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